2016 Resident Orientation

On behalf of the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we would like to welcome the new PGY1’s to our family.


Greg Borschel
Research Director

Mitchell Brown
Program Director

Christopher R. Forrest

Back Row (Left to Right): Matthew Murphy, Hélène Retrouvey, Giancarlo McEvenue, Mike Hendry, Pierre Lapaine, David Wallace, Moaath Saggaf, Sultan Al-Shaqsi

Middle Row (Left to Right): Tomas Saun, Sebastian Vrouwe, Whitney Quong, Kevin Zuo, Monica Yu, Kalila Steen, Natalia Ziolkowski, Mélissa Roy, Miliana Vojvodic, Joseph Catapano, Dale Podolsky, Stephanie Dreckmann

Front Row (Left to Right): Rayisa Hontscharuk, Victoria Hayward, Karen Wong, Katie Armstrong, Dr. Mitchell Brown, Dr. Kyle Wanzel, Jana Dengler, Jessica Shih (on laptop), Maryam Saheb-Al-Zamani