Residency Program Committee

The residency program committee (RPC) is responsible for delivering and monitoring the education curriculum for the residents in the division.

The Chair of the Residency Program Committee is the Program Director. The Program Director is appointed by the Division Head. The head of each hospital/training site within the program sits on the committee. There is a representative from all major programs (hand, aesthetic, craniofacial, burn). There is a representative from research and also a representative from education. Our Program Administrator also sits on this committee. There are two Resident representatives on this Committee, a junior and a senior. Each of these Resident representatives is elected by their peers in the Program.

In addition to overseeing the delivery of the curriculum, the Residency Program Committee also monitors resident progress, is responsible for determining if residents have satisfied the annual requirements of training, and is the committee that selects in coming residents through the CaRMS (Canadian Residency Match Service) annual match.

Committee Membership

Name Major Site Affiliation Major Function with the Program
Jamil Ahmad Aesthetic Surgery – Mississauga Site Director, Aesthetic Surgery Rotation
Mitchell Brown
Women’s College Hospital Chairman, Division of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery
Barbara Jemec
UHN, Toronto Western Hospital Site Coordinator, TWH Hand Program
Kristen Davidge
Hospital for Sick Children Research Director
Brett Beber
Michael Garron Hospital, Toronto East Health Network Site Chief, MGH
Jeff Fialkov
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Site Chief, SHSC
Adrian McArdle
Trillium Health Centre Site Chief, Trillium
John Phillips
Hospital for Sick Children Site Chief, HSC
Anne O’Neill
UHN / Toronto General Hospital / Toronto Western Hospital Site Coordinator UHN
Siba Haykal
Toronto General Hospital Senior Resident Education Coordinator
Blake Murphy
St. Michael’s Hospital Site Chief, SMH
Mary-Helen Mahoney North York General Hospital Site Coordinator, NYGH
Blake Murphy
St. Michael’s Hospital Site Chief, SMH
Mary-Helen Mahoney
North York General Hospital Site Coordinator, NYGH
Sophocles Voineskos
St. Joseph’s Health Centre Junior Resident Education Coordinator
Melinda Musgrave St. Michael’s Hospital Undergraduate Medical Student Education
Katie Armstrong
Women’s College Hospital Site Coordinator, WCH
David Wallace
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Ross Tilley Burn Centre
Site Coordinator, Burn Program
Kyle Wanzel St. Joseph’s Health Centre Program Director;
Chair, RPC;
Site Chief, SJHC
Kathy Pavlovic

Division of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery

Program Administrator
Johanna Riesel
Hospital for Sick Children Wellness Director
Darcy Little
Junior Resident Rep  
Marshall Thibedeau
Senior Resident Rep