Ear Reconstruction

Ear reconstruction is a niche area in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and may be required following traumatic loss of whole or part of an ear or as the result of a congenital absence (microtia).

This surgery is technically demanding and precise and requires concentration of cases in the hands of a select few surgeons in order to establish and maintain expertise.

The Division of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery has a Microtia Program for the purpose of performing autologous ear reconstruction for ears missing as the result of injury or birth anomalies. Pediatric and adult ear reconstruction is performed by Dr. David M. Fisher at the Hospital for Sick Children and Dr. Leila Kasrai at St. Joseph’s Health Centre. Training in microtia repair falls under the fellowship in pediatric plastic surgery at the Hospital for Sick Children.

Other forms of ear surgery such as post-cancer ear reconstruction and correction of out-standing ears may be provided by most of the trained plastic and reconstructive surgeons in the faculty at the University of Toronto.