There are two particular areas of trauma surgery which are sub-specialized in Toronto: maxillofacial and replantation. The majority of maxillofacial trauma treatments are handled at Sunnybrook and St. Michael’s Hospital Trauma Units.

Replantation occurs primarily at The Hospital for Sick Children and at the Toronto Western Hospital. Residents generally provide primary assessment & care, and are involved at all treatment stages including surgical preparation, surgery and post-operative care.

Maxillofacial Reconstructive Surgery

Teaching of maxillofacial reconstruction is available in children and adults. The children’s teaching involves developmental and congenital problems as well as trauma and is carried out at The Hospital for Sick Children under the instruction of Drs. Christopher R. Forrest and John Phillips.

Post-traumatic defects and some developmental defects training is carried out at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre under Drs. Oleh Antonyshyn and Jeffrey Fialkov. Both Dr. Antonyshyn and Dr. Fialkov have been instrumental in the development of new techniques involving bone grafting and soft tissue reconstructions.

Maxillofacial surgery is also provided at St. Michael’s Hospital and traumatic maxillofacial procedures are taught in this Institution under the leadership of Dr. James Mahoney.