Trillium Health Centre

The Surgical Program at Trillium Heath Centre provides inpatient and outpatient care to people of all ages. During the resident’s rotation they are in the OR 4 days a week. Cases typically include paediatrics, breast reconstruction, aesthetic and craniofacial.


Trillium Health Centre
100 Queensway Ave. West Mississauga, ON L5B 1B8


(905) 848-7100


In Trillium’s West Toronto surgical clinics, residents spend 3 half days a week in the various clinics. They spend one half day each in a hand and skin cancer clinic. The residents have a clinic where they see mostly hand injuries. The residents are the primary clinicians in this clinic. The Hand Program provides evidence-based care, in a timely manner to patients in the acute post injury or post-surgical period. Residents work in interdisciplinary teams in providing comprehensive assessments and treatment of hand and wrist difficulties and in-depth assessments of physical, functional, and psychosocial elements.