Surgeon Scientist Program Graduates

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Graduates of the Surgeon Scientist Program, Division of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery


Moaath Saggaf, PhD (July 2019 – June 2023)
Cold Sensitivity in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Supervisors: Dr. Brian Feldman and Dr. Dimitri Anastakis

Karen Chung, PhD (July 2018 – Jan 2023)
The Health and Economic Burden of Cleft Lip and Palate in Ethiopia
Supervisors: Dr. Beate Sander and Dr. Christopher Forrest


Tomas Saun, MASc (July 2017 – June 2019)
Development and evaluation of a prototype camera system for intraoperative video recording of open surgery.
Supervisor: Dr. Teodor Grantcharov

Kevin Zuo, MASc (July 2017 – June 2019)
Direct Nerve Electrical Stimulation and Local FK506 Drug Delivery to Enhance Axon Regeneration in Nerve Gap Reconstruction
Supervisors: Dr. Gregory Borschel and Dr. Tessa Gordon

Hélène Retrouvey, PhD (July 2016 – July 2019)
Barriers to Access to Breast Reconstruction in Ontario
Supervisors: Dr. Nancy Baxer and Dr. Toni Zhong


Natalia Ziolkowski, PhD (July 2015 – November 2018)
Developing a Patient-Reported Outcome Instrument for Paediatric Surgical, Burn, and Traumatic Scars.
Supervisor: Dr. Joel Fish

Mélissa Roy, MSc (July 2016 – June 2018)
Universal measures of support are needed: a cross-sectional study of health literacy in patients with dupuytren’s disease.
Supervisors: Dr. David Urbach & Dr. Steve McCabe


Joseph Catapano, PhD (July 2013 – June 2017) – Graduate Department IMS
Enhancement of nerve regeneration following neonatal nerve injury
Supervisor: Dr. Gregory Borschel

Dale Podolsky, PhD (July 2014 – June 2017) – Graduate Department IBBME
Development of a robotic surgical system for cleft palate surgery.
Supervisors: Dr. James Drake & Dr. Christopher R. Forrest


Kathleen (Katie) Armstrong, M.Sc. (July 2013 – June 2015) – Graduate Department HPME
Replacing ambulatory clinic follow-up with remote home monitoring using smartphones in breast reconstruction: Is it cost-effective?
Supervisor: Dr. John Semple & Dr. Peter Coyte


James Mike Hendry, M.Sc. (July 2012 – June 2014) – Graduate Department IMS
The Role of the ErbB2/Neuregulin Signaling Network in Regulating Acute or Chronic Nerve Regeneration and its application to the Protection Provided by Side-to-side Nerve Bridges.
Supervisor: Dr. Gregory Borschel


Siba Hayka, M.Sc. & PhD (July 2009 – June 2013)
Defining the Immunogenicity and the Structural Integrity of Decellularized Tracheal Allografts.
Supervisor: Drs. Thomas Waddell/Stephen Hofer

Jennica Platt, M.Sc. (July 2010 – June 2013)
Patterns of Care for Breast Reconstruction in Ontario: A Population-Based Study.
Supervisor: Drs. Nancy Baxter & Toni Zhong


Karen Cross, PhD (July 2003 – June 2009) – Degree Awarded November 2009
Assessment of Tissue Viability in Acute Thermal Injuries using near infrared point spectroscopy.
Supervisor: Drs. Joel Fish/John Semple/Lorenzo Leonardi/Peter Bray

Kristen Davidge, M.Sc. (July 2007-June 2009) – Degree Awarded November 2009
Function and health status following soft tissue reconstruction for limb preservation in extremity soft tissue sarcoma.
Supervisor: Dr. Aileen Davis


Daniel C. Martin, M.Sc. (July 2004-June 2006) – Degree Awarded June 2006
Cutaneous wound healing with methacrylic acid-co-methyl methacrylate beads.
Supervisor: Drs. John Semple/Michael Sefton


Allan A. Eckhaus, M.Sc. (Juy 2002 – June 2004) – Degree Awarded September 2004
Skin graft vascularization with polymethacrylic acid-co-methyl-methacyrdate beads; an in vivo model of angiogenesis.
Supervisor: Drs. Joel Fish/Michael Sefton


Cory S. Goldberg, MASc (July 2001-June 2003) – Degree Awarded November 2003
Bone engineering in a rabbit craniotomy defect using a composite biodegradable scaffold.
Supervisor: Drs. John Davies/Jeffrey Fialkov


Kyle R. Wanzel, M.Ed. (July 2000 – June 2002) – Degree Awarded March 2002
Visual spatial abilities relevant to training in surgery.
Supervisor: Drs. Mitchell Brown/Dimitri Anastakis


Alexis D. Armour, M.Sc. (July 1999 – June 2001) – Degree Awarded September 2001
In vitro fibroplasia in pig acellarized dermal matrix.
Supervisor: Drs. Kim Woodhouse/John Semple/Joel Fish

Robert Lee Shenker, M.Sc. (July 1999 – June 2001) – Degree Awarded November 2001
Radiation-induced impaired surgical skin wound healing: pathophysiology and prevention.
Supervisor: Peter C. Neligan/Cho Y. Pang


Zvi Margaliot, M.Sc. (July 1997 – June 1999) – Degree Awarded October 1999
Supervisor: Drs. John Semple/Peter Burns


Richard Alan Hopper, M.Sc. (July 1995-June 1997) – Degree Awarded July 1997
The role and cellular mechanism of protein kinase C in ischemic preconditioning of porcine skeletal muscle against infarction.
Supervisor: Drs. Christopher Forrest/Cho Pang

Joan Elizabeth Lipa, M.Sc. (July 1995-June 1997) – Degree Awarded July 1997
Vasoconstrictor effect of endothelin-1 (ET-1) in human skin: the role of ETA and ETB receptors.
Supervisor: Drs. Cho Pang/Peter Neligan


Herb von Schroeder, M.Sc. (July 1992- June 1994) – Degree Awarded in 1994
Retinoid-responsiveness of chondrogenic cells in vitro and developing musculoskeletal tissues in vivo.
Supervisor: J. Heersche


Jeffrey A. Fialkov, M.Sc. (Jul 1990 – June 1993) – Degree Awarded October 1993
The effect of infection and lag screw fixation on union, revascularization and new bone deposition in membranous bone grafts in a rabbit model.
Supervisor: Drs. Ralph Manktelow/John Phillips


Michael L. Kreidstein, M.Sc. (July 1988-June 1990) – Degree Awarded November 1991
An Isolated Perfused Human Skin Flap Model for the Study of Skin Flap Pathophysiology and Pharmacology.
Supervisor: Dr. Cho Pang


Dimitri J. Anastakis M.Ed. (July 1989 – June 1990) – Degree Awarded August 1990
The Rationale for and Development of an Interactive Videodisc in Surgical Education
Supervisor: Dr. Richard Reznick & Dr. Tom Telder

Joel S. Fish, M.Sc. (July 1987 – June 1989) – Degree Awarded June 1990
The effect of hypothermia on isometric contractile function recovery of ischemic skeletal muscle.
Supervisor: Dr. Nancy McKee

Christopher Robert Forrest, M.Sc. (July 1985-June 1988) – Degree Awarded May 1990
The pathophysiology of nicotine-induced skin flap necrosis in skin flap surgery.
Supervisor: Dr. Cho Pang

Michael William Kuzon, Ph.D. (July 1984 – June 1990) Degree Awarded July 1990
Functional, morphometric, and metabolic characteristics of experimental free, vascularized canine gracilis muscle transfers.
Supervisor: Dr. Nancy McKee


James R. Bain, M.Sc. (July 1985-June 1988) – Degree Awarded July 1988
Supervisor: Dr. Susan MacKinnon

Steven Frank Morris, M.Sc. (July 1986 – June 1988) – Degree Awarded July 1988
The effects of ischemia on porcine latissimus dorsi musculocutaneous flaps.
Supervisor: Dr. Cho Y. Pang


John L. Semple, M.Sc. (July 1983 – June 1985) – Degree Awarded June 1987
Inflammatory changes in thermal injury: quantitation, kinetics, and pathogenic considerations.
Supervisor: Dr. Henry Z. Movat