2020 Research Day Gallery

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to congratulate everyone on a fantastic Hoyle Campbell Resident Research Day this year.

 I am so proud of what we are doing here in the division and the scope of the presentations was remarkable, ranging from artificial intelligence to global health and patient reported outcome measures to top quality basic science nerve physiology research. Thank-you to Karen, Natalia, Melissa, Celine, Whitney, Pierre, David, Moaath, Sultan, Tomas, Josephine, Brian, Annie, Helene, Kevin and Adam for all your hard work and to their supervisors for mentoring them to such a high level.

Thank-you all the staff and community partners who attended this year and cancelled their clinical duties to show support for the trainees in the division and to also listen to the amazing Hoyle Campbell Lecturer Dr. Michael Klebuc and Young Investigator Awardee Dr. Siba Haykal. Both of these lectures were awe-inspiring. As everyone realizes, presentations to peers can be stressful and take a significant effort. Those who attended were fortunate to hear two master-class presentations.

Although all papers were of the highest caliber, I would like to extend congratulations to the following outstanding individuals who were the recipients of this year’s awards:

Mentor Canada, Johnson and Johnson Medical Companies Prize for Best Clinical Paper Award, 2020 was awarded to Dr. Tomas Saun

Title: “Deep Learning for Automated Assessment of Upper Extremity Radiographs”.

Allergan Medical Canada Prize for Best Basic Science Award, 2020 was awarded to Dr. Kevin Zuo

Title: “Local FK506 (Tacrolimus) Drug Delivery Enhances Nerve Regeneration Through Unprocessed Fresh Nerve Allografts”

Authors: Kevin Zuo, Golsa Shafa, Katelyn Chan, Jennifer Zhang, Kasra Tajdaran, Tessa Gordon, Gregory Borschel

Supervisor: Dr. Gregory Borschel

It was a pleasure hosting Dr. Klebuc as the Hoyle Campbell Visiting Professor this year. Mike is Assistant Professor of Surgery in the  Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Houston Methodist Hospital, Weill Cornell Medical College and Director of the Center for Facial Paralysis Surgery and Functional Restoration, Houston, Texas. He was a fellow at the Hospital for Sick Children in 2000-2001 so this was a 20 year anniversary for him. It was great to have him back in town and see what he has accomplished in the area of facial reanimation and microsurgical reconstruction.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank our new resident Research Director, Dr. Kristen Davidge for creating a terrific two-day program and ensuring that our research program put its best face forward. 

Thanks also to the industry partners who supported the event. 

  • 3M – KCI
  • Galderma
  • Allergan – Natrelle
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • KLS Martin Group
  • Zimmer Biomet

As always, it never happens without the tireless efforts of Kathy….very much appreciated.

The Hoyle Campbell Visiting Lecture and Resident Research Day is the highlight of the academic calendar and I look forward to seeing what’s in store for next year and would welcome all of you, staff, community partners and alumni to attend. 


Christopher R. Forrest, MD, MSc, FRCSC, FACS
Chair, Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Chief, Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Medical Director, HSC Centre for Craniofacial Care and Research
Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine
University of Toronto