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Our Division members’ research is frequently accepted for inclusion in the most prestigious peer-reviewed scientific journals. Below you will find the most recent publications. Abstracts are updated daily.

Research on applying signature character strengths demonstrated positive effects on well-being, health and work behavior. Future health care professionals represent a group at risk for impaired well-being due to high study demands. This study investigates potential long-term protective effects on well-being. In total, 504 medical students participated in a longitudinal online study, with at least 96 providing complete data at all three time points (time lag: 1 year). Data on individual signature...
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The psychometric properties of the core disease-specific 14-item Italian HeartQoL health-related quality of life questionnaire have been evaluated in this study. The Italian version of the HeartQoL, the MacNew questionnaire, and the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale were completed by 472 patients (angina, N = 183; myocardial infarction, N = 167; or ischemic heart failure, N = 122) who were recruited in five Italian centers (Florence, Veruno, Turin, Udine, and Naples) between 2015 and 2017....
CONCLUSIONS: These guidelines reinforce the substantial benefit of CR in specific clinical indications, but also describe remaining deficits in CR-delivery in clinical practice as well as in CR-science with respect to methodology and presentation.
CONCLUSIONS: This study is the first multicenter international study to examine independent risk factors for low patient-reported outcome measure scores and the potential need for future scar revision surgery. Patients that perceive themselves as scarring badly and having a bothersome scar are at a higher risk of scar appearance concern, an increased symptom burden, and poorer psychosocial impact scores.
CONCLUSION: This study generated a brief heart disease-specific classification system, consisting of seven dimensions with four severity levels in each. The classification system is amenable to valuation to enable the generation of utility value sets to be developed for use in economic evaluation.
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