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Our Division members’ research is frequently accepted for inclusion in the most prestigious peer-reviewed scientific journals. Below you will find the most recent publications. Abstracts are updated daily.

CONCLUSION: The provincial distribution of traumatic PNI surgery was variable, and the highest volumes were in the LHINs with large populations. The provincial wait time strategy for traumatic PNI surgery is effective, but women waited longer than men. Precise reporting from all hospitals is necessary to accurately capture and understand the delivery of care after traumatic PNI.
CONCLUSIONS: Systematic reviews and meta-analyses about breast reconstruction had, on average, a moderate AMSTAR score. The number of studies and methodological quality have increased over time. Study characteristics including adherence to PRISMA guidelines are associated with improved methodological quality. Further improvements in specific AMSTAR domains would improve the overall methodological quality.
CONCLUSIONS: The stepwise and triangular anterograde homodigital neurovascular island flaps offer comparable and consistent reconstructive outcomes for volar fingertip injuries.
Morphological analyses are key outcome assessments for nerve regeneration studies but are historically limited to tissue sections. Novel optical tissue clearing techniques enabling three-dimensional imaging of entire organs at a subcellular resolution have revolutionized morphological studies of the brain. To extend their applicability to experimental nerve repair studies we adapted these techniques to nerves and their motor and sensory targets in rats. The solvent-based protocols rendered...
Although sepsis in burn patients is a major contributor to mortality, treatments are not always effective and underlying mechanisms have yet to be completely elucidated. NLRP3 inflammasome orchestrates burn-induced, inflammatory-driven pathophysiologic processes. Here, we determined the mechanism of NLRP3 inflammasome activation on bacterial clearance and mortality in burn sepsis. We obtained tissue and blood from 30 wild-type and 30 Nlrp3^(-/-) mice. Mice were subjected to a two-hit model of...
CONCLUSION: The study provides detailed insights in the characteristics of PRS consultation in the paediatric ED population. Despite high referral appropriateness and education feedback intervention, significant inefficiencies were identified that call for further collaborative efforts to optimize quality of care for paediatric ED patients and improve satisfaction of involved healthcare professionals.
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