Hand surgery is one of the largest programs in the Division. All plastic surgery divisions, with the exception of Toronto General Hospital, have an active hand surgery program. There are three centres within the city where hand surgery services are multidisciplinary and in which plastic surgery is intimately involved.

The University of Toronto Hand Program is located at the Toronto Western Hospital and is a combined plastic surgery & orthopaedic program.  Dr. Steve McCabe is the Director for the Hand Program. Dr. Dimitri Anastakis and Dr. Heather Baltzer are full time plastic surgery members of this program with Drs. Matthew Furey and Herbert von Schroeder from orthopaedic surgery.

At St. Michael’s Hospital, hand surgery activity is tied to the upper extremity unit which includes neurosurgery, orthopaedic surgery as well as plastic surgery.  The plastic surgery involvement is under the leadership of Dr. James Mahoney.

At Sunnybrook Hospital, Dr. Paul Binhammer works in conjunction with Dr. Terry Axelrod, an orthopaedic surgeon, to provide a hand surgery service for this very busy hospital.  A large volume of community hand problems are treated at St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Michael Garron Hospital, and Trillium.

Complex tertiary paediatric hand surgery occurs at the Hospital for Sick Children under the supervision of Dr. Howard Clarke.

The variety of work carried out in hand surgery involves all areas of hand surgical care including the management of problems with bony structures, joints, tendons, nerves, vessels and skin.