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Ken and Gail Smith (Bozek)


Dr. Ken Smith’s Biography

Post-Graduate Medical Training

Rotating Internship: St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver (1982-83)
Surgical Residency: University of Toronto (1986-1991)
Post Graduate Fellowship:  Microsurgery/Cosmetic Surgery (1991-92)

Plastic Surgery, Fourth Year Resident
Start date:  July 1, 1989
End date: December 31, 1991

Medical School

University of Saskatchewan  (MD 1982)



Current Practice Location

Victoria, British Columbia

“It is my pleasure to “give back” to the University of Toronto, as it has provided me with a most fulfilling career. My training as a Plastic Surgeon was exemplary, and one only really appreciates how much so when you get out into your own practice and “the real medical world”! I had the opportunity of being involved with several of your speakers on your Promise Campaign video, including Drs. Rutka and Rotstein, as well as Dr. Chris Forrest, an exceptional individual and a fellow resident during my training. I had wanted to contribute to the UofT for a while now, and seeing Chris at a recent conference allowed me to clarify where we would like to direct our pledges in the future!

There is not a week that goes by that I am not grateful for the foundation that my training through the University of Toronto gave to me, to allow me to be able to confidently face the challenges of the day! We hope to continue our association with the university, and in particular, the Division of Plastic Surgery for years to come!”

Dr. Ken Smith

Dr. Ken Smith and his son in Dr. Smith's operating room

Dr. Ken Smith and his son

Gail Smith (Bozek), your wife, is also an alumni of the University of Toronto, having received her medical degree there in 1982.  Did you meet in medical school?

Gail is in Family Medicine (Victoria).  We met during our Internship at St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver in 1983!

What else would you like to share professionally about your accomplishments since graduating to share alumni and students?

I have enjoyed a very gratifying and busy practice on Vancouver Island, incorporating many of the skills taught by my UofT mentors. My practice has involved general plastic surgery, as well as microsurgery, maxillofacial trauma and management of our burn unit.  Over the past few years, I have expanded the private side of my practice, and have been involved in the building of two private surgical facilities.

What words of wisdom would you like to share with current and future medical students, i.e. anything that you would have wished you knew about, in applying for the program and or even through residency?

When I moved from the west to Toronto, and was fortunate enough to be granted a residency position, I thought I knew of the quality of the training the University of Toronto would provide in this field.  However, it was only when I left my training that I fully appreciated how well they prepared me for what clinical Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is all about.  There were some difficult moments during training, but perseverance and faith in my mentors’ advice proved invaluable and have made my surgical practice very rewarding.

Who was the Program Director and Chair at the time of your residency?

Dr. WK Lindsay was the Director and Chair when I was accepted into residency.
Dr. Ralph Manktelow was the Director and Chair when I completed my training.
Both men were wonderful gentlemen, scholars, and I count as some of my most influential mentors.


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