Zane Cohen Clinical Fellowship Achievement Award

The Department of Surgery is pleased to announce a new award oriented toward clinical fellows. Dr Zane Cohen has made a generous donation to enable this award of $1,000 to be awarded annually.

Clinical fellows in our Department often achieve significant accomplishments, which until now have gone unrecognized. This award is to be awarded annually, in perpetuity. The award will be adjudicated based on an assessment of the most significant achievement made by a clinical fellow. Achievement will be defined as any significant contribution made in any of the domains of medicine: clinical research, basic science research, publications, presentations, medical education/teaching, medical administrative systems, delivery of medical care, medical related community service, etc. The achievement or work may have taken place at the University of Toronto, in Canada, or in any international jurisdiction. The only limiting definition is that the majority of the work must take place while the clinical fellow is a clinical fellow in the Department of Surgery.

The process in which the selection will be made is as follows. The applicant, or the clinical fellow’s supervisor, may initiate the process. The clinical fellow is asked to write a one-page summary of the achievement and this is to be supplemented by a one-page letter of support from the clinical fellow’s supervisor. This application will be submitted to the Clinical Fellowship Coordinator of the division of the clinical fellow. Each of the 8 divisions in our Department will then select one nominee application from their division to be submitted to the selection committee comprised of Dr Zane Cohen, the Chair of the Department, and the Director of Clinical Fellowship of the Department. The award will be announced at the annual Gallie Day Dinner. The application deadline will be March 31st of each year.

This award is eligible to any clinical fellow in the divisions of Orthopedics, General Surgery, Urology, Vascular Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, Plastic Surgery, and Neurosurgery. As well, postgraduate trainees (clinical fellows and residents) in the surgical subspecialties training programs of Surgical Oncology, Colo-Rectal Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, and Vascular Surgery are eligible.

Award Winners
2015 Dr. U. Hameed
2014 Dr. N. Dehghan
2013 Dr. D. Wasserstein
2012 Dr. B. Rogers & Dr. B. Krischek
2011 Dr. E. Hickey
2010 Dr. O. Honjo
2009 Dr. M. Cypel