Month: October 2011

Dr. Toni Zhong – Advanced post-mastectomy breast reconstruction improves women’s psychosocial and sexual wellbeing

TORONTO – Women who lose a breast to cancer report improvements in their state of mind and well-being three weeks after breast reconstruction surgery, a new survey indicates.

However, 20 per cent of the women experienced minor or major complications related to the reconstruction surgery, and many of the women were grappling with significant deterioration in the strength of their abdomen — the donor site for tissue to reconstruct the breast.

But study co-author Dr. Toni Zhong said that even when complications, lack of strength at the donor site, scarring and time off work were factored in, the positives outweighed the negatives.

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Dr. Melinda Musgrave – Breast Cancer Survivors Feel “Selfish” About Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Melinda Musgrave was featured in Forbes recently with regards to breast cancer survivors and breast reconstruction:

Each year more than 254,000 American women battle breast cancer. But according to a new study very few of them will opt for breast reconstruction surgery after treatment.

Less than one-fifth of American women who undergo mastectomy currently choose to undergo breast reconstruction. Dr. Melinda Musgrave, a plastic surgeon at St. Michael’s Hospital who revealed findings that in Canada the number is as low as 7%, is determined to find out why this occurs.

“Reconstruction has a very positive effort on these women as they go through their breast cancer journey,” she says. “The problem is that it’s still seen as cosmetic or unnecessary and it needs to be brought into the correct light.”

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