Surgeon Scientist Training Program (SSTP)

Surgeon Scientist Training Program
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The purpose of the Surgeon Scientist Training Program (SSTP) at the Department of Surgery, University of Toronto, is to provide excellent research training for surgical residents who wish to pursue a career in academic surgery. The focus is on excellent research training, not on a specific discipline or project, or on specific course work.
Procedure for Applying
Program Duration
External Funding
Selection of Research Program and Supervisor
Application to School of Graduate Studies
Downloadable Application and Other File Attachments
Additionally, the following Master Programs are offered by the University of Toronto as part of the Surgeon Scientist Program.

System Leadership and Innovation Program

G.Anderson-MSc Degree – System Leadership and Innovation

IHPME Program SLI Brochure

Translational Research Program

J.Ferenbok – MHSc Degree – Translational Research

Relationship of Surgeon Scientist Training Program to Clinician Investigator Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

All individuals entering the Surgeon Scientist Training Program must submit an application for the Clinician Investigator Program (CIP) of the Royal College. Information may be obtained from the CIP office by calling 416-978-7189 or email:

Clinical Responsibilities

During the period of research training in the SSTP, trainees should not have regular clinical responsibilities. However, trainees are encouraged to maintain some contact with clinical activities by attendance at divisional, departmental and hospital rounds and formal teaching sessions. Trainees may also attend specialty clinics with direct relevance to their areas of research. Residents must conform to PAIRO guidelines in this regard.

Clinical Training

Following completion of the SSTP, all trainees are expected to return to clinical training within the Postgraduate Training Program in Surgery at the University of Toronto. Where appropriate, some attempt will be made by the divisional residency Program Director and the Director of Postgraduate Education to provide the trainee with positions conducive to continuing his/her research from “bench to bedside” or to provide clinical exposure in the area of the trainee’s research topic.

Student Committee

Each student will have a Student Committee to assist him/her during the time spent in the Surgeon Scientist Training Program. Each Student Committee will be formed in accordance with the rules of the School of Graduate Studies. Normally, the supervisor serves as Chair of the Student Committee, and the Committee meets at least twice yearly. Minutes of each meeting should be forwarded to the Vice Chair Research, the Division Chair and the Graduate Student Coordinator of the relevant graduate faculty. In-training evaluation forms for the CIP program should be obtained from the CIP office and returned after each committee meeting to the CIP office:

MSB Room 2366
1 King’s College Circle

These evaluation forms must be completed by the supervisor, viewed and signed by the student. A copy must be sent to the Director of Postgraduate Surgical Education.