Professors’ Rounds

Find, save, and print your records

  1. Each table has its own search field. Faculty can retrieve information for their own records by inputting their last name in each of the tables’ search fields. (Note: it is not currently possible to pull all records from each educational activity under one faculty member’s name so that all activities for all years appear on one excel table that can be exported. Records can only be pulled up for each educational event separately, exported and Faculty will need to manually create their own individual records for their own purpose.)
  2. On this page, multiple tabs can be open at the same time so that you may easily compare different academic years.
  3. “Save to Excel / PDF / Print” commands will only save or print what is visible. If you search for your name and isolate your line(s), only your records will be saved or printed.


A – Absent
P – Attended (Present)
R – Regrets