Postgraduate Training in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

The Training Program in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is part of the Postgraduate Training Program in Surgery at the University of Toronto.

The program is under the leadership of the Chair of the Division, Dr. Christopher R. Forrest and the Program Director, Dr. Kyle Wanzel.

The training program consists of five years. It involves two core years of surgical training (PGY1 and PGY2). These core years take place at nine affiliated and partially affiliated hospitals at the University of Toronto. The rotations are assigned by the Director of Postgraduate Education in the Department of Surgery, at the advice of the Program Director and the Residency Program Committee with respect to site and duration.

The PGY3 to PGY5 years are assigned such that each Resident has nine 4-month rotations over a three year period. These rotations are selected from nine different teaching hospitals. The order of these rotations is designed:

  1. To provide increasing complexity of patient problems;
  2. To fit the Residents’ individual learning needs; and
  3. To provide progressive increase in Resident responsibility.