Breast Cancer Reconstruction

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We are currently accepting applications to the University of Toronto Breast Cancer Reconstruction and Breast Aesthetics Fellowship. Two fellowship positions are currently vacant.

Sites Women’s College Hospital
Toronto General Hospital (University Health Network)
Fellowship Director Dr. Toni Zhong
Supervisors Dr. John Semple (WCH)
Dr. Toni Zhong (TGH)
Sponsor MENTOR, Johnson & Johnson

The two fellowship positions will commence on July 2 and end on June 30. One successful applicant will begin his/her first six-months of fellowship at Women’s College Hospital with a focus on implant-based and non-microsurgical breast reconstruction as well as aesthetic breast surgery. During the following six-months, the applicant will transition to the University Health Network where the focus will shift to microsurgical breast reconstruction and other types of immediate breast reconstruction techniques. This fellowship position is usually reserved for an international trainee.

The second successful applicant will begin his/her first six-months of fellowship at the University Health Network with the primary focus on various microsurgical breast reconstruction methods as well as other immediate breast reconstruction techniques. The following six-months will be spent at Women’s College Hospital where the focus will shift to aesthetic breast surgery and non-microsurgical breast reconstruction. This position is usually reserved for a Canadian Plastic Surgery Residency graduate.

We ask that all applications are submitted by August.

Description of the Fellowship: Scope and Volume

The Breast Cancer Reconstruction and Aesthetic Fellowship at the University of Toronto is a one-year program for graduate Plastic Surgeons wishing to gain a high level clinical experience in all types of Breast Reconstruction and Breast Surgery in general. The goal of this program is to develop future leaders in the management of breast reconstruction. This program is highly competitive and we have many applications for these positions. The fellowship will offer two six-month rotations at two sites: Women’s College Hospital and University Health Network. All types of breast reconstruction will be covered including autogenous (pedicled flaps, free flaps and perforator flaps), all the up-to-date alloplastic techniques, and oncoplastic approaches to breast cancer. The volume of new breast reconstruction cases per year at the two institutions is approximately 200 microsurgical reconstructions, 50 pedicled flap reconstructions, and 150-200 implant reconstructions. In addition to breast cancer, the fellowship will provide a wide exposure to other difficult locoregional and microsurgical reconstructions following cancer ablation.

This fellowship offers an internationally recognized facility for the treatment of clinical breast disease, enabling the fellows to take full advantage of other areas of expertise in breast surgery. These include but are not limited to correction of congenital and developmental breast deformity, breast reduction, mastopexy and breast augmentation.


We only accept applications from those who will have successfully and fully completed certification from a recognized Plastic Surgery training program and are credentialed to work as such.

Research Opportunities

The fellowship supervisors are leaders in clinical breast research and there are many opportunities for participating in ongoing research or beginning new research projects.

Training Facilities

There are world-class facilities on site for microsurgical skills training at Mount Sinai Hospital, as well as formal 2-day microsurgical training courses that will take place twice a year.

Meetings and Conferences

It is mandatory for our fellows to attend the Annual Breast Surgery Symposium in Toronto.  In addition, we will support travel to attend or present at one national (Canadian Society of Plastic Surgery) or American breast symposium.


Available upon request


Dr. Toni Zhong
c/o Francisca Castro

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