Shahriar Shahrokhi

Shahriar Shahrokhi


Coordinator of Medical Education, Ross Tilley Burn Centre
Assistant Professor, University of Toronto


After completing an Hon.B.Sc. from University of Toronto, Dr. Shahrokhi went onto medical school and completed his MD degree at the University of Ottawa (2001). Dr. Shahrokhi continued his training by completing a residency in General Surgery from McGill University (2006). This was followed by a clinical fellowship in The Complete Care of the Burn Patient at University of Toronto (2007). Dr. Shahrokhi is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and board certified by the American College of Surgeons.

Following the completion of his fellowship, Dr. Shahrokhi accepted a position as Attending Surgeon at the Ross Tilley Burn Centre (RTBC) at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto. In addition to the clinical aspects of the practice, Dr. Shahrokhi is the Coordinator of Medical Education at the RTBC, and the Director of Burn Fellowship RTBC.

Recent Publications:

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Areas of Specialty

Burn Surgery and Complex wound care.

Practice Hospital

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, The Ross Tilley Burn Centre




Laura Krasnewych

Practice Location

2075 Bayview Ave
Toronto, Ontario
M4N 3M5


(416) 480-5554


(416) 480-7832

Referral Instructions

Contact administrative assistant Laura Krasnewych at 416-480-5554

Research Interests

Clinical outcomes in burn care.