Surgical Skills Centre Distinguished Educator Award

The University of Toronto Surgical Skills Centre Distinguished Education Award for Outstanding Contributions demonstrates the Centre’s commitment to surgical skills education.

This award recognizes those individuals who have made exemplary, innovative contributions to teaching and learning in the Surgical Skills Centre over the past year.

Award Winners
2015 Dr. J. Hall
2014 Dr. G. Oreopoulos
2013 Dr. M. Burnstein
2012 Dr. H. MacRae
2011 No recipient
2010 Dr. R. Holtby
2009 Dr. P. Binhammer
2008 Dr. J. Murnaghan
2007 Dr. A. Pierre
2006 Dr. T. Lindsay
2005 Dr. S. Lewis
2004 Dr. P. Neligan
2003 Dr. P. Chu
2002 Dr. L. Rotstein
2001 Dr. S. Radomski
2000 Dr. M. Brown