D.R. Wilson Award

The D.R. Wilson Award for Teaching is made annually to the surgical resident who is rated by undergraduate students as being an outstanding teacher.

The recipient of this award will be a resident whose teaching in any one of all of the following settings has been highly evaluated by students: teaching on the ward during the course of day-to-day service activities, teaching in the operating room, and teaching in the clinic setting. The resident will demonstrate both a positive attitude toward teaching and will be considered a good surgical role model for undergraduate medical students.

The quality of the candidate’s teaching will be determined by means of the following:

  1. Objective student assessment (by questionnaire).
  2. Review of clerkship debriefing reports.
  3. Letters of recommendation from students and/or faculty.

Nominations may be made by students, faculty or residents in writing to the Director of Undergraduate Education. All nominations are reviewed by the Undergraduate Education Committee and a list ranking the candidates is provided to the Chairman of the Department for final selection.

The D.R. Wilson Award is awarded at the Gallie Day Reception. The recipients receive a cheque for $500.

Award Winners
2021 Adam Mosa
2017 Matthew Murphy
2015 Dr. H. Yan
2014 Dr. J. Lee
2013 Dr. R. Somogyi
2012 Dr. M. Heng
2011 Dr. T. Al-Rasheed
2010 Dr. R. Jinnah
2009 Dr. M. Keays
2008 Dr. M. Boulton
2007 Dr. A. Eckhaus
2006 Dr. S. Rai
2005 Dr. P. Stotland
2004 Dr. A. Kader
2003 Dr. B. Shayegan
2002 Dr. Y. Botros
2001 Dr. P. Ferguson
2000 Dr. C. Haywood
1999 Dr. J. Lipa
1998 Dr. R. Marx
1997 Dr. S. Lewis
1996 Dr. P. Chu
1995 Dr. P. Petrasek
1994 Dr. Z. Gamliel
1993 Dr. D. Anastakis
1992 Dr. C. Hutchison
1991 Dr. G. Sandor
1990 Dr. K. Ashe
1989 Dr. E. Vallieres
1988 Dr. J. Wright