Charles Tator Surgeon-Scientist Mentoring Award

Nominations requested.

The Surgeon Scientist Training Program (SSTP) at the University of Toronto was created to foster excellence in Research in the Department of Surgery.

The successes of the Program have been reflected through the quality of research presented by the trainees, by the recognition received by these individuals at National and International conferences, and by the fact that this Program has served as a model for Clinician-Scientist training throughout North America. A significant component of the success of this Program has been the quality of research supervision received by these trainees.

Professor Charles H. Tator has served as a role model for Surgeon-Scientists throughout his career both locally and across the country. His commitment to the development of future Surgeon-Scientists has been demonstrated by his frequent supervision of surgeon-scientist trainees as well as by his nurturing of the SSP during his tenure as Head of the Departmental Research Program.

The Charles H. Tator Surgeon-Scientist Mentoring Award is intended to recognize individuals supervising participants in the SSTP who emulate Professor Tator’s qualities, namely excellence in Research, commitment to SSTP mentoring and dedication to promotion of Surgeon-Scientists. The recipient will be honoured each year on Gallie Day with a plaque and a citation indicating contributions of the recipient. Candidates will be nominated by present or past members of the Surgeon-Scientist Training Program. To propose an individual for this award, one nomination letter outlining the candidate’s qualifications plus two supporting letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with the candidate’s qualifications should be sent to Val Cabral (

Award Winners
2015 Dr. Stephen Fremes
2014 Dr. Avery Nathens
2013 Dr. Michael G. Fehlings
2012 Drs. Albert Yee & Cari Whyne
2011 Dr. Benjamin A. Alman
2010 Dr. Richard Reznick
2009 Dr. Glenn Regehr
2008 Dr. Joel Fish
2007 Dr. John Marshall
2006 Dr. James Rutka
2005 Dr. Steven Gallinger
2004 Dr. Robin McLeod
2003 Dr. Ori D. Rotstein
2002 Dr. Richard D. Weisel