Bruce Tovee Award

The establishment of this award is intended to honour a highly valued and long-time member of the Department of Surgery, Dr. E. Bruce Tovee. The award is to be made annually on recommendation of the Chairman of the Department of Surgery as per the following conditions:

“Without imposing any restrictions upon this donation, it is requested that it be used to provide for a suitable memento to be awarded to an academic staff member of the Department of Surgery who has made the greatest contribution to the educational activities of the Department, as exemplified by Dr. E. Bruce Tovee during his outstanding career. The Department resumes the right to make no award if a suitable recipient is not found.”

Award Winners, Postgraduate
2015 Dr. A. Pierre
2014 Dr. O. Safir
2013 Dr. J. Hagen
2012 Dr. P. Ferguson
2011 Dr. W. Kraemer
2010 Dr. R. Mustard
2009 Dr. C. Law
2008 Dr. R. Kodama
2007 Dr. R. Levine
2006 Dr. J. Wunder
2005 Dr. D. Latter
2004 Dr. T. Ross
2003 Dr. J. Fish
2002 Dr. K.W. Johnston
2001 Dr. M. Bernstein
2000 Dr. B. Goldman
1999 Dr. J. Ali
1998 Dr. R. Bell
1997 Dr. A. Gross
1996 Dr. T. Axelrod
1995 Dr. W. Tucker
1994 Dr. J. Waddell
1993 Dr. R. Humphreys
1992 Dr. A. Lossing
1991 Dr. R. Richards
1990 Dr. J. Kellam
1989 Dr. B. Taylor
1988 Dr. L. Lickley
1987 Dr. R.M. Stone
1986 Dr. G.A. Hunter
1985 Dr. A. Freiberg
1984 Dr. D.J. Currie
1983 Dr. J.L. Provan
1982 Dr. C.E. Bayliss
1981 Dr. A.W. Harrison
1980 Dr. A.R. Hudson


Award Winners, Undergraduate
2013 Dr. R.J. Cusimano
2012 Dr. G. Azzie
2011 Dr. F. Wright
2010 Dr. R. Stewart
2009 Dr. Y. Shargall
2008 Dr. P. Ferguson
2007 Dr. A. Khoury
2006 Dr. R. Richards
2005 Dr. D. Backstein
2004 Dr. P. Chu
2003 Dr. R. Mustard
2002 Dr. S. Herschorn
2001 Dr. T. Ross
2000 Dr. G. Darling
1999 Dr. M. Cusimano
1998 Dr. R. Kodama
1997 Dr. C. Hutchison
1996 Dr. P. Greig
1995 Dr. M. Goldberg
1994 Dr. J. Waddell
1993 Dr. P. Muller
1992 Dr. L. Mahoney
1991 Dr. C. Jamieson
1990 Dr. W. Tucker
1989 Dr. R. Reznick