Upcoming Conferences – Toronto Breast Surgery and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Symposium

The 20th Toronto Annual Breast Surgery Symposium

April 2nd, 2020 – The 20th annual Toronto Annual Breast Surgery Symposium will cover current concepts and new innovation in the field of reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery. Our guest faculty will present information in a combination of didactic lectures, video presentations, open panel discussions and question and answer sessions.

Visit http://www.torontoaestheticmeeting.ca/toronto-breast-symposium/ for additional details and to register. 

The 50th University of Toronto Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Symposium

April 3-4th, 2020 – The 50th annual University of Toronto Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Symposium will provide a didactic, highly interactive, congenial atmosphere, where registrants are exposed to top aesthetic plastic surgeons on a global scale. The Toronto Aesthetic Meeting is the largest aesthetic plastic surgery meeting in Canada. Last year, over 200 registrants attended this program.

Visit http://www.torontoaestheticmeeting.ca/toronto-aesthetic-meeting/ for additional details and to register.

2019 Graduation Gala Gallery

2019 Resident Orientation

The new resident crew, 2019-2020. Excited to start a new residency year!

Front Row (left to right): Syena Moltaji, Mark Shafarenko, Natalia Ziolkowski, Celine Yeung, Grace Kim, Mawaddah Alrajraji, Katie Hicks

Second Row (left to right):  Adam Mosa, Kevin Zuo, Josephine D’Abbondanza, Joseph Catapano, Monica Yu, Kalila Steen

Third Row (left to right):  Helene Retrouvey, Dale Podolsky, Stephanie Dreckmann, Melissa Roy, David Wallace, Tomas Saun

Top Row (left to right):  Brian Hong, Mona Al-Taha, Peter Qi, Steven Hanna, Pierre Lapaine, Moaath Saggaf, Sultan Alshaqsi